Artisan bread delivered fresh to you. 

All our bread has been baked at 475 degrees,

making it one of the lowest risk foods for Covid-19.

Skip the crowded grocery store and have your bread delivered right to your door. 
Now available without a subscription.

Freezing your Sour Bros Bread is a great way to stock up. Tightly wrap the loaf in cling wrap or reusable airtight bag and freeze. When you are ready to enjoy your loaf defrost fully, slice and toast or place whole defrosted loaf in oven set to 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Enjoy the bread as it if was fresh out of the oven.

I am taking the Covid-19 extremely seriously and I'm following the recommendations for increased sanitization and hygiene practices. I can assure you that Sour Bros Bread is a one-man operation and I am the only one working within its walls. I have been extensively self isolating for the past few weeks. I continue to pre-pack each loaf individuality for delivery to ensure safety.


We believe in fresh, sustainable and local product. That is why all of our bread is mixed, shaped and baked in Vancouver.


Our bread is handcrafted to maintain the highest quality. Our skilled bake staff mix, shape and bake every loaf by hand.


We bake and deliver our bread same day. Each loaf is delivered straight from our ovens right to your door.


Delivery Zones

We currently deliver to Vancouver, North and West Vancouver and North Burnaby.

Zone 1

Delivering Tuesdays and Fridays

Zone 2

Delivering Tuesdays and Fridays

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Sour Bros Bread - North Vancouver, BC Canada

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